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Welcome to FastModel Sports and our TEAM! FastModel Sports has spent 10 years working with the most successful coaches on the planet. These coaches helped us build the best play diagramming tool on the market – FastDraw. As of today, FastModel is a lot more than just the X’s & O’s.


To build a community of passionate basketball coaches that have a strong desire to share knowledge and grow the game.

Who is #TeamFastModel?

TeamFastModel is a community of basketball coaches. They are passionate about basketball and are always looking for better ways to grow the game. They are active on social media and engaged in the conversation of the day.

What does #TeamFastModel do?

TeamFastModel drives the conversation. TFM draws and shares #XsOs. It is immensely important to TFM to keep learning, keep growing and to keep challenging the game of basketball.



Randy Sherman
Wes Kosel
FastModel Sports
Gibson Pyper
Scott Rosberg
Justin Scanson
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Zack Freesman
John Leonzo
Matt Wheeler
Craig LeVasseur
Doug Brotherton
Rory Hamilton
Kelsey Grosulak
Adam Barnes
Jordan Petersen
Sergey Tkachenko
Tony Miller
Kyle Gilreath
Adam Spinella
Andrew Greer
Andrew Lacey
Aseem Rastogi
Mo Dakhil
Theresa Grentz
Greg White
Mason Waters
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Matt Monroe
Tara VanDerveer
Joel Hueser
Timothy Hipps
Greg Youncofski
Lindsay Scarlatelli
Cody Toppert
Bert DeSalvo
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Randy Brown
Lucas Shapiro
Kevin Noon
Mike Hurley
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Matt Barnthouse
Zach Weir
Kevin Eastman
Austin Anderson
Nick Bartlett
George Karl
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Jon Giesbrecht
Lin Dunn
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Alan Peel
Eric Thibault
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Annie Isler
Konner Beste
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Brandon Chambers
Brandon Rosenthal
Ryan Nguyen
Debbie Antonelli
Diccon Lloyd-Smeath
Brian Shea
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Scott Cross
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Stephen Gentry
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We create basketball software, mobile apps & coaching content for NBA, NCAA, HS and youth coaches and players. #XsOs #FastModelFamily Products: FastDraw, FastScout, FastRecruit
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