Buffalo- Double Drag/Double Stagger Set

By Andrew Lacey

Play of the Day – Buffalo Double Drag/Double Stagger

Here is a quick hitter that Buffalo used early in the first half against Miami that lead to the getting a wide open three. They did a great job out of the 1-4 set at creating space for quick penetration or the kick for three.


FastDraw Diagram:

FastTradePreview (29)

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Andrew Lacey
Andrew Lacey is the Head Men's Basketball Coach at Varina High School in Richmond, Virginia. He was named 2015 VHSL 6A Conference 3 Coach of Year, and has directed the Blue Devils to two Conference Champions, three straight regional playoffs and a State Tournament appearance in his first four season running the program. An article of his titled "Using Ball Screens in your Motion Offense" was published in Winning Hoops Magazine in September 2015.
Andrew Lacey

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