Plays YOU Can Use: BLOB Series

By Doug Brotherton

Baseline Out of Bounds

The importance of baseline out of bounds possessions can’t be overstated. It is my belief that we can gain a 6-8 point edge during a game, by simply winning the BLOB situations. This is especially true at the high school level. We take the time to scout our opponents BLOB sets, practice how we are guarding each action, and we make it a point of emphasis to score on our possessions. This past season, we gained almost 6.5 points per game, on baseline out of bounds situations. To put this in perspective, we went 7-2, in games decided by 8 points of less. That 6.5 point advantage was very beneficial to our success in winning close games.

The “odd, even, zero” system is a terrific way to make your team difficult to scout. There is no play call, so teams can not steal your calls or signals. Starting every play from the same formation is another way to make it difficult to scout. When the ball goes out of bounds, and the clock stops, your team uses the last number on the scoreboard to trigger the play call. For example: 3:27 on the clock tells your team that we are running ODD, because 7 is an odd number.

We took this one step further, and had a “Strong” or “Weak” call. When the ball goes out of bounds, our players are running whatever play is triggered by the time on the clock. If we wanted to run a counter, to our normal set, we would simply call “Weak.” If we do not say anything, our team just runs our “Strong” BLOB call. For the sake of this project, I have developed an “odd, even, zero series,” but have made the secondary calls “High” or “Low.”

Last year, Randy Sherman convinced me to use the “Odd, Even, Zero – BLOB System.” If you have any questions about this series, or would like more ideas, please contact Coach Doug Brotherton at

“Odd – High”

Odd High


“Odd – Low”

Odd Low


“Even – High”

Even High


“Even – Low”

Even Low


“Zero – High”

Zero High


“Zero – Low”

Zero Low


We ran different BLOB plays for our team this past season, as we see a lot of zone defense. I have developed multiple series out of the “Odd, Even, Zero” system. If you would like more ideas, or have some terrific BLOB plays to share, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once again, you can e-mail Coach Doug Brotherton at:



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Doug Brotherton

Doug Brotherton

Husband. Father. Varsity Girls Basketball Coach of the Village Vikings (Houston, TX). Director of HoopGrind Basketball. NBA Regional Scout.

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