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Skill Development – Relevant Skills

Skill Development – Relevant Skills

Over the weekend, as I was breaking down film and preparing for another busy week of workouts, I saw Coach White (Assistant Coach at Georgia State) throw this gem of a tweet up on Twitter. As a Player Development guy, I couldn’t agree more. Players: Perfect the skill that makes you ‘Relevant’ before you work

Argentina Defense

7 Cardinal Defensive Principles

Looking to increase your defensive efficiency this season? Try adding these defensive principles from the legend, Adolph Rupp. Cut Down the Number of Shots “Teams must shoot to score, and if you can reduce their scoring opportunities by aggressive defensive play, you will eliminate the danger of a high score.” Cut Down the Percentage of


Pre-Season Checklist – Things Your Players Should Know

For any coach or staff, setting the tone from “Day 1” is imperative. There is no room for misinterpretation, players must understand what is expected and the consequences if those expectations are not met. Never assume that players know right from wrong, they must be taught the right way to do things. You never know