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Xavier Stack

NCAA Tournament – X’s & O’s – Xavier

NCAA Tournament – X’s & O’s – Xavier

Xavier scored on this play in the first half and came back to it on their first possession in the second half. Zone set play vs. 2-3. Best shooter is in the dead corner forcing X4 to closeout. On the pass from 1 to 2: 3 crosses lane and seals X3 4 post hard to


Virginia Cavaliers Mover-Blocker Offense

Much of the talk from college basketball fans and media this season has been about the Kentucky Wildcats and their pursuit of an undefeated season. Rightfully so, John Calipari’s crew has a chance to make history. However, the team that I get asked more about than any other team by coaches is the Virginia Cavaliers. Coaches are


Motion Offense – Flare Screen Essentials

In the latest entry into the FastModel Motion Offense Forum, Vol. 4 deals with such topics as designating screeners and cutters, shallow cuts and flare screens. Fairly soon into your installation of motion offense, you will need to decide if you are going to designate players as either screeners or cutters in your offense. That