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February 16, 2017 - St. Petersburg, Russia, Russia - February 16, 2017. St. Petersburg, Russia. BC Zenit v BC CSKA. VTB united league 2016-17. The coaching staff of BC CSKA. (Credit Image: � Russian Look via ZUMA Wire)

Building Your Coaching Staff Chemistry #3 – Criticizing Your Assistants in Front of Your Athletes

Building Your Coaching Staff Chemistry #3 – Criticizing Your Assistants in Front of Your Athletes

This is the third in a series of posts I am doing on developing great chemistry on your coaching staff. These posts come from my new eBook and new workshop called “Building Your Coaching Staff Chemistry.” It is from the chapter in the book called “Head Coaches Working with Assistants.” It is on the concept of


A Culture of Accountability and Grace

Many of you probably remember when Ohio State quarterback JT Barrett was arrested for DUI. Thankfully that wasn’t the end of his story. The same is true for your players. At some point this season, one or more of your players will mess up. Even the “good kids” will probably make a poor decision at


Personal Commitment Statement

Anyone that is in the coaching profession or have been in this profession will understand this simple post. As coaches we give so much of our time, making sure our program is the best it can be under our leadership. Often time we do this at the expense of spending less time with our own


A No-Brainer Strategy to Build Team Culture

A college coach and I were chatting recently about team culture. She’s been a coach for a number of years, mainly in an assistant role with a variety of head coaches. During our discussion, she compared/contrasted two coaches for whom she worked. She enjoyed both, but the experiences felt different. One example she cited was team

Kevin Eastman

Building a Championship Mindset

I’m a new contributor to Team FastModel, yet for those of you who are familiar with my way of thinking is that I prefer to teach in bullet points. This post covers a number of items essential to Building a Championship Mindset. Enjoy! Building a Championship Mindset Your success in a learning environment depends, like a

Ultimate Program Tool (1)

FastDraw: The Ultimate PROGRAM Tool

Tips and creative uses for FastDraw as a program tool for developing top-to-bottom program alignment.  In many hours of counseling basketball coaches, a common struggle I hear is lack of program alignment. There are many factors that may inhibit this from situation to situation, but it often is the fault of the head coach for not having