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July 21, 2015 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - July 20, 2015 - Toronto, Canada - Tamara Tatham of Canada, makes a pass down low against the USA in the gold medal game for women's basketball at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. (Credit Image: � James Macdonald via ZUMA Wire)

Pressure Man Tips – Disrupting Back Cuts

Pressure Man Tips – Disrupting Back Cuts

In Vol. 7 of this series on pressure man defense we address how to defend back cuts within the pressure man-to-man system. While pressure man-to-man can be effective for disrupting the timing and spacing of offenses, it (like any other defense) has inherent vulnerabilities. A coach must consider the trade offs of their defensive system


Pressure Man Defense – Perimeter Defense Drills

In Vol. 4 of this series we look at a drill progression that teaches defending common offensive actions. By using three-on-three play, pressure man defense principles are applied to various situations. After implementing the basics of stance, stance angle, off-the-ball defense and help defense, it is important to begin learning to defend common offensive actions.


Pressure Man Defense – Rooftop Rules

Beginning with on-the-ball defense, we blueprint how to implement pressure man-to-man defense into your program. The first concept, “THE ROOFTOP RULES”  is the foundation. Not all man-to-man defenses are alike. Coaches have different philosophies on help defense, ball screen coverage, stance angle and much more. In this series we will detail the foundations of pressure

NCAA Midwest Regional 3rd Round game 2015: Wisconsin vs Oregon, MAR 22

The Art of 1-on-1 Defense – Part 1

We live in a basketball world where style usually gets noticed more than substance.  A player with strong 1-on-1 offensive skills (jab, shoulder fake, foot-fake, spin, pull-up jump shot) often gets rewarded with millions of dollars from an NBA contract and endorsements. While this “highlight” brand of basketball may dominate the talking points on ESPN