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Aug. 24, 2015 - Madrid, Spain - Spanish basketball national head coach Sergio Scariolo (2-R) talks with players during a team's training session held in Madrid, Spain, 24 August 2015. Spain will play the EuroBasket 2015 between 05 and 20 September. (Credit Image: � Juan Carlos Hidalgo/EFE via ZUMA Press)

Honor Calls – Modeling Great Integrity

Honor Calls – Modeling Great Integrity

I have been a high school coach for thirty years and an athletic director for twelve years. Seven years ago I joined Proactive Coaching – www.proactivecoaching.info as one of their speakers. In many of our presentations, we talk about the importance of having integrity. Integrity is an indispensable quality for anyone in a leadership role


I Am A Coach’s Wife

(This article was originally published at Her View From Home by Renae Zimmer) I am a coach’s wife.  I signed up for it, back when we were young and stupid and didn’t have a penny to our name.  I said yes to an awesome guy and yes to being a coach’s wife. I love sports, that