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Pistol Action

Plays YOU Can Use: Pistol Action & Counters

Plays YOU Can Use: Pistol Action & Counters

The Pistol Action has become a popular action for teams to run in transition. Depending on the team that you are watching, you might see different versions of the Pistol Action. This past season, we initiated our Pistol Action with a dribble hand off. Below are some key teaching points, as you introduce Pistol Action.

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Spread Ball Screen – Basics

The basics of the Spread Ball Screen alignment – a good starting point for the introduction of ball screen offense.  Getting into ball screen offense can be done in multiple ways. A common alignment for the introduction of ball screen concepts is the Spread Ball Screen alignment. It is popular worldwide and at all levels of

FastDraw #PlayOTD – Hawk Bump

Cleveland Cavaliers – Hawk Bump Cleveland Cavaliers “Hawk Bump” Wrinkle from their Hawk series — Ryan (@ry_nguyen) April 5, 2017   This Hawk set is a wrinkle from the Cleveland Cavaliers “Hawk Stagger” action when X2 denies 2 cutting to the basket off of the back screen. Instead of 2 cutting off of the