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Australia Horns

Plays of the Week: Australia Horns

Plays of the Week: Australia Horns

The game of basketball is evolving. Every player at all levels is expected to be able to play on the perimeter. As the game has evolved, the horns formation has become a staple in playbooks across the world. By bringing the 4 and 5 near the top of the key, the defense has a number

Shooting Drills

Plays of the Week: Shooting Drills

Shooting drills serve a number of purposes for all basketball coaches. Often limited by time and practice space, quality shooting drills help maximize the resources available to most coaches. The best shooting drills provide great repetitions, on-court conditioning, and keep “standing in line” to a minimum. This week’s Plays of the Week features three shooting

Elbow Series - Plays of the Week

Elbow Series – EuroBasket 2017

As the 2017 NBA Finals concluded and the Golden State Warriors hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the second time in three years, basketball fans across the world looked to scratch that never ending basketball itch. EuroBasket Women 2017 provided that relief. An incredible tournament with great #XsOs, including a fantastic elbow series by the