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Off-Season Conditioning- Squats Part 2

Off-Season Conditioning: Squats Part 2

Off-Season Conditioning: Squats Part 2

Read Part 1 of Off-Season Conditioning: Squats here. To truly develop the athlete, proper muscle loading is essential. In this post we will examine glute vs quad loading. It is fairly easy to figure out which your player is doing, but a little bit harder of a fix. It takes a decent amount of awareness


Off-Season Conditioning: Squats

Teaching correct movement is extremely important, especially with squats. If we train without focus on the correct muscle activation players will still get stronger, but they will be strengthening their misalignments and imbalances. How many kids are taught proper form from their first squat on? I’m talking just a simple body weight squat. It should

Jon Sanderson

Michigan Basketball: Preparing for Success – No Matter What

University of Michigan Men’s Basketball – From a Plane Crash to a Big 10 Championship to the Sweet 16   Four tips from University of Michigan Men’s Basketball Strength Coach, Jon Sanderson, that have again contributed to their late season run. For the casual fan, the crescendo toward a National Champion and One Shining Moment

UNM Practice

Maximizing Your Minutes in Practice – The First 40

Yes, “we talkin’ ’bout practice,” as our good friend AI would say. I am by no means an expert on planning practice, but I think a few things are basic truths, especially at the high school level. This post is designed to help coaches in these situations maximize their practice. There is a lack of