Scouting articles

FastScout allows you to create custom scouting reports and game plans – tailored to your players - in order to deliver the information most beneficial to them such as stats, tendencies and personnel match-ups.

Traits of a Quality Scouting Report

Traits of a Quality Scouting Report

Creating a quality scouting report that accurately breaks down the strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of your opponents and their individual players is an important step towards winning any game. There are a number of aspects/sections (see below) of a scouting report that are basic necessities, whether you are creating a report for your high school

FastScout Report Builder

Use The Tool Trusted By The Pros FastScout is the most powerful report building tool built specifically for basketball coaches available. Stop trying to shoe horn your needs into Word and PowerPoint templates – start creating reports that look just like what the pros use! “We use FastScout because it’s an effective, easy way to organize