Gooroo Drill: Pride Rebounding

Practice rebounding skills using box-out technique Setup One coach with ball is positioned around free throw line acting as shooter Six players are in the paint, with three designated as offensive team and three on defensive team Instructions Coach attempts jump shot (missing on purpose), and players in the paint position themselves for rebound Defensive

Doing the Little Things Right = More Wins

What little things can you do to build “Team” during the off-season? Build team through ownership – Senior led workouts, open gyms, meetings, team events, etc. Build commitment – Morning/Weekend workouts – it is the seniors job to get them there and monitor attendance Build Trust – Lift, run, play, study, sacrifice – PAY THE

Are you a Carrot, Egg or Coffee Bean?

As described in my previous posts, outlook is everything in sports. Your mindset is important at all times, especially during times of adversity or challenge. As coaches, our players will react how we react. If we are calm, they too will be calm. If we allow ourselves to become tense and panic, our players will

Tips For Honoring The Game

How parents can contribute to a positive culture Before the Game Commit to Honoring the Game in action and language no matter what others may do Tell your children before each game that you will be proud of them regardless of how well they perform During the Game Fill your child's "Emotional Tank" through praise

Gooroo Drill: Partner Box-Out

Teach players box-out technique Setup Split players into two groups, forming two parallel lines 4-6 feet apart across the key facing each other Line facing basket is designated offensive team, while line with back to basket is on defense Players stand at least an arm’s length from each other and are partnered up with player