10 TRX Exercises for Basketball Players

1. Single leg squat – Really good strengthener for legs in general 2. Single Leg squat with hop – Added difficulty to the single leg squat, requires more stabilizing muscles than just the squat. 3. TRX lunge – Also a good strengthener for legs, but also adds more focus on stabilizing and finding balance. A hop can be

Gooroo Drill: Dynamic Warm-Up #1

Gooroo Drill: Dynamic Warm-Up #1

Activate players and prevent injuries Setup Line up players along baseline (see diagram) Instructions Perform Toe-Walks and Heel-Walks to half-court and back Do 20 reps of jumping drills: Over and Back, Right Foot Front and Back, and Left Foot Front and Back Tara’s Tips Encourage players to do the following: Take warm-up seriously as it helps

The Power of Visualization

One of the greatest challenges coaches face is getting their players to buy into the program, and believe in themselves and their teammate’s abilities. There is a distinct difference between the players who play with a great deal of confidence, belief and trust compared to those who simply go through the motions trying to get

Disguised Conditioning Drills – Part 1

Coaches around the globe know that very few players actively want to participate in conditioning drills.  If you need any proof, just tell your players to “get on the line” and watch their heads lower. While conditioning is not usually an enjoyable part of basketball for either players or coaches, it is unfortunately a necessary