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Transition Offense – Common Endpoints

Transition Offense – Common Endpoints

In transition offense, seek first to score, then flow seamlessly into offense from these common endpoints. The first objective of transition offense is to score with an advantage. Coaches and players should keep this top of mind. Upon the rebound/inbound the offense uses pace, spacing and rapid advancement of the ball in hopes of scoring

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Spread Ball Screen – Basics

The basics of the Spread Ball Screen alignment – a good starting point for the introduction of ball screen offense.  Getting into ball screen offense can be done in multiple ways. A common alignment for the introduction of ball screen concepts is the Spread Ball Screen alignment. It is popular worldwide and at all levels of

Ball Screen

Ball Screen And Roll Shooting

Ball Screen and Roll Shooting – A teaching and shooting drill to introduce wing ball screen progressions. The wing ball screen is a common way to create an advantage for the ball handler, the roll man or a third player. Increasingly, teams are running the wing ball screen directly from transition offense with an empty