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NBA Playoffs: Screen the Screener

NBA Playoffs: Screen the Screener

NBA Playoffs: Screen the Screener

In the NBA Playoffs, every possession matters and teams have to make the most out of every opportunity to score. Good coaches make the most out of their after timeout plays (ATOs) to create a good opportunity to score. Here are two plays ran by the Memphis Grizzlies and Cleveland Cavaliers that involve screen the

FastDraw #PlayOTD – Hawk Bump

Cleveland Cavaliers – Hawk Bump Cleveland Cavaliers “Hawk Bump” Wrinkle from their Hawk series pic.twitter.com/WrSJHzBaxu — Ryan (@ry_nguyen) April 5, 2017   This Hawk set is a wrinkle from the Cleveland Cavaliers “Hawk Stagger” action when X2 denies 2 cutting to the basket off of the back screen. Instead of 2 cutting off of the


Out of Bounds – NBA Playoffs

“Starting 5 – Out of Bounds” by Greg Youncofski was originally published by HoopDirt.com Executing on your SLOBs/BLOBs is one sign of a well-coached and focused team. Out of bounds plays are a great opportunity for a team to run the exact action that they want and for a coach to put his best players in great