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Build a Stronger Team Culture

Build a Stronger Team Culture

Every coach I meet wants to make a difference in the lives of others. But not every coach maximizes that opportunity. Every coach I meet takes time to define team and perhaps, personal goals. But not every coach invests time in defining his/her purpose. There’s a big difference between goals and purpose. Goals: shorter in duration;


3 Tips to Better Self-Leadership

Confession: I’m a Coke addict. You might not believe me since I don’t drink a six pack a day or even a week. I feel like an addict, though, because of how I have used Coke. I can find lots of “reasons” to have a Coke. Sad, lonely, depressed? Have a Coke (and a smile!). Happy, excited,


The Offseason – Now What?

The season is over. Emotions of how it ended, either high or low have subsided and bodies are beginning to recover. Now what!? Focus on injury prevention and recovery Everyone ends the season a little beat up. Offseason is a wonderful time to tend to those little nagging injuries or the bigger ones. Strengthen weaknesses