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Pressure Man Defense – Off the Ball

Pressure Man Defense – Off the Ball

The key component of pressure man-to-man is off-the-ball defense. In Vol. 2 of this series, we take a look at playing defense one pass away. In the previous entry we discussed on-the-ball defense and the Rooftop concept. We continue with off-the-ball defense when one pass away. Perhaps the biggest differentiation in styles of man-to-man defense


Pressure Man Defense – Rooftop Rules

Beginning with on-the-ball defense, we blueprint how to implement pressure man-to-man defense into your program. The first concept, “THE ROOFTOP RULES”  is the foundation. Not all man-to-man defenses are alike. Coaches have different philosophies on help defense, ball screen coverage, stance angle and much more. In this series we will detail the foundations of pressure