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FastDraw  #PlayOTD – Kentucky – Side PNR

FastDraw #PlayOTD – Kentucky – Side PNR

FastDraw #PlayOTD – Kentucky – Side PNR

Kentucky – Side PNR Kentucky ran this play multiple times in the first half of their Elite Eight game against North Carolina to get effective looks at a backdoor layup. This play can be run as a continuity offense starting with a side ball screen. 1 dribbles off of the screen and passes to 4.

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Shooting Drills to Enhance Your Offense – Ballscreen Sets

One of the things that has been useful for our program is the ability to turn most of our offensive plays into shooting drills. Not only are our players getting up a great amount of shots, they are practicing the necessary footwork, muscle work, and floor movement that make our sets successful. Shooting reps and playbook