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The BJU Bruins vs Trinity College in the men's basketball regional championship. Photo by Kayla Pierce 2017. Courtesy of Tony Miller

What it Means to be “Champions Today”

What it Means to be “Champions Today”

Several years ago, our coaching staff chose the phrase “Champions Today” as our program’s motto for that season. Throughout the year, people would ask what exactly “Champions Today” meant. Some figured we were placing an added emphasis on winning, while others thought it had something to do with the pursuit of a championship. In actuality, the phrase

Mike Brey Action Shot

Covenants for Teams and Coaches

Last week I wrote about “Intentionally Creating Your Culture.” In that post I talked about the concept of “Core Covenants” that Proactive Coaching’s Bruce Brown discusses in his booklet “First Steps to Successful Teams” – www.proactivecoaching.info. Today I am going to talk in a little more detail about covenants. Core Covenants could also be called