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NBA Playoffs: Screen the Screener

NBA Playoffs: Screen the Screener

NBA Playoffs: Screen the Screener

In the NBA Playoffs, every possession matters and teams have to make the most out of every opportunity to score. Good coaches make the most out of their after timeout plays (ATOs) to create a good opportunity to score. Here are two plays ran by the Memphis Grizzlies and Cleveland Cavaliers that involve screen the

Landry Shamet

Late Game Situations: Need a 3

One year ago, Villanova made a buzzer beating three pointer to win the National Championship. In Saturday’s two Final Four games, both match-ups came down to a team needing a 3-pointer to tie the score. In this year’s tournament, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of this late game situation. As coaches,

D.J. Wilson

Skills and Drills – Michigan 2 Guard Offense

Dr. Dish drills for Michigan’s 2-Guard Offense The versatility of the Michigan 2-Guard offense was on full display during the Big 10 and NCAA tournaments as the Wolverines made a march to the Sweet 16. The offense features numerous scoring options, and creates mismatches on both sides of the floor. These drills are designed as