2013 NBA Playoffs: Best Plays of the Night – May 11-15

By Kyle Gilreath

This week’s best NBA plays diagrammed using FastDraw playbook software. Check them out and save your favorites to your FastDraw library.

Golden State Warriors Elbow Flex


While us coaches are all very familiar with the Flex, I have learned recently that many young players today are not familiar with how to run the play or guard it. In my opinion, if you have two great scorers on the floor, this is a very difficult action to guard. The defense has to respect the flex cut give up a lay-up. Then by pinning down on the screener, the defense must make a decision how to guard and if they over-react the big will be open slipping to the rim.

NBA Play of the Day May 14:

Oklahoma City Thunder Slide Punch


This is an excellent action to screen for your best player to offset the defense and open up the pick & roll coverage by forcing the defense to be late.

NBA Play of the Day May 13:

San Antonio Spurs: Zipper Twist Special


This play is a quick hitter to run at the end of the game to get your team an open 3-pointer. The Spurs used a tremendous amount of action to force the Warriors’ defense to over help which led to the open shot.

NBA Play of the Day May 11:

Chicago Bulls Rhodie Punch


The Miami Heat did an excellent job with this play because the Bulls had to respect the fact that Wade and Lebron both came off screens. This allowed Bosh to quickly step out for the pick & roll in which the defense was a tad late helping.

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