Plays of the Week January 9

By FastModel Sports

The Triangle Series by Nate Hill (@coachnatehill)

Triangle #1 - Post Feed

Triangle #1 – Post Feed

I would like to thank Coach Nick (@bballbreakdown) of for posting a YouTube breakdown of the four basic Triangle actions (Part 1 and Part 2).   After watching those videos, I searched and found a Tex Winter and Phil Jackson video.  I used all of these videos when I drew up the seven Triangle plays.  I then contacted Coach Nick directly, sent him the plays, and asked for his feedback.  He was a high school coach that ran the triangle offense and he recommended the book,The triple-post offense (sideline triangle) by Tex Winter that breaks down the offense in greater detail.

Triangle #2 - Lag Pass / Pinch Post

Triangle #2 – Lag Pass / Pinch Post

Ideally if you want to install the offense, I would recommend the whole, part, whole method.  I would initially show the breakdown videos in a classroom.   I would then walk through all four of the plays 5 on 0 on the court.  Next, I would work on each action (post entry, lag pass, corner entry, backdoor) versus live defense.   I would then work on breakdown drills with the offense in smaller groups  (3 on 0 post entry, pinch post actions, etc…).  After each action is learned, I would show a counter (dribble entry, post isolation, court reversal).  Finally, I would try and run the offense live and see how the team does with making proper reads.

This series of four basic plays is ideal for a strong post player, but can fit multiple personnel.  With any offense in general, if you have good players, your team will look better.  It is up to each coach to match their personnel to their system to create the best results.  The Golden State Warriors and New York Knicks currently run parts of the triangle offense.  Each team is getting different results using the same plays, but the Warriors currently have a better roster.  Better players again equal better results.

Feel free to contact me at or @coachnatehill 

Triangle #3 - Backdoor Step / Blind Pig

Triangle #3 – Backdoor Step / Blind Pig

Triangle #4 - Corner Entry

Triangle #4 – Corner Entry

Triangle #5 - Lag Pass Option

Triangle #5 – Lag Pass Option

Triangle #6 - Weakside Cut

Triangle #6 – Weakside Cut

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