Plays of the Week – Jan 23, 2015

By Justin Scanson

Tug Motion is my absolute favorite zone offense. We ran this zone offense during my last season at Montana State and had tons of success. We often had too much success and teams switched out of 2-3 quickly.  It did help that we the top 2 all time 3 point shooters playing 2 and 3 for us but that is going to be a key for any zone offense, the ability to make an open shot.



The set starts with 3 guards space along perimeter. Need to maintain spacing and extend the zone. 4 has both corners, short corner, and can go to block if 5 isn’t there. 5 has priority on block, high post and everything in the middle.

High Post Entry Rules:


Once the ball enters to the high post, 4 cuts to rim. 4 continues to opposite block if they don’t recieve the immediate pass.  If the defense is able to cover 4 cutting across the lane, chance are that 2/3 will be open in the corners.  1 must find spacing away from 5 and be a threat to shoot.

Corner/Short Corner Entry Rules:

tug3If the ball enters the corner from the wing to 4, 5 cuts hard to low block for post up. Guards fill strong side wing, strong side lane line, and opposite wing.

Low Post Entry Rules:

tug4If 4 receives low post entry, 3 and 1 must fill strong side corner and strong side wing. 5 may stay at the high post or dive through the lane to the opposite block.

Low Post Entry Rules:

tug5If 5 receives low post entry with 4 still on the strong side, 3/4 must fill strong side corner and strong side wing. Guards space to passing lanes. (5 on block, 4 Strong Corner)

Low Post Entry Rules:

tug6If 5 receives low post enter with 4 on the weak side, 3/1 must fill strong side corner and strong side wing. 4 can flash to high post. 2 spaces to passing lanes.

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