NBA Chin Series

By Craig LeVasseur

The Chin set is useful across multiple levels of competition because it is so versatile. In the NBA, it is often used as a designed set to feature a particular scoring option on the floor. At the college level, such as we see with Tom Crean’s offense at Indiana, it can be used as a continuity, with multiple options and counters to choose from. It is tough to deny a team from getting into Chin, as well, because the initial pass can go to any player on the floor. If all passes are denied, a simple Dribble Handoff to the wing transforms Chin into Forwards Out, and opens up a whole new set of plays.


Chin Set

A basic Chin set into a ballscreen. This is a good option for getting your 2 or 3 into a high ballscreen. Against Weak coverage against the ballscreen, flip the angle of the screen to set up a Spread P/R and a single side bump situation for your shooting 3.


Click image for full play


Chin w/Single

Another look out of the Chin set. This play is designed to attack a defense that aggressively tags the Chin cut.


 Click image for full play

Chin Middle Cut / Blast

Two more options out of the Chin set.


Click image for full play 


Chin – Guard Post Ups

The Chin set is a great way to create a post up situation for your big guards.

ChinGuardPostUpsClick image for full play

Chin – Post Rip

A Chin counter option to a post up.





Chin – High Split Option

This Chin option can be run as a called play, or as a counter if the defense denies the initial pass. Great for a passing big man.


 Click image for full play


Chin as Continuity

The Chin set can also be used as the basis of a Continuity offense, such as this action that Tom Crean uses in the Hoosiers’ Chin offense. This Chin action is initiated with a DHO.


Click image for full play


Chin – Special

My last Chin option. Use this play to create a catch and shoot look for the PG.




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