3 Drills to End Practice

By FastModel Sports

Just as there are many ways to begin practice, there are plenty of drills to bring practice to a close. Below are five drills that offer a good balance of competitiveness, conditioning, and skill work.


USA Shooting:

The set up for this drill includes 2 players at the far baseline and 3 lines of players at the opposite baseline. The first player in the middle of the 3 lines starts with a ball, and each of the players at the far baseline have a ball. Players pass and weave to the far end of the court, where one player gets a lay-up and the other two players receive passes from the players on the baseline and take jump shots. The player who shot the lay-up, along with the two baseline passers, then pass and weave back to the other side of the court.  The drill continues with one lay-up and two jump shots on each end. Start by running the drill for 3 minutes and trying to collectively make over 70 baskets. Up the number of makes required as your team gets used to and better at the drill.



Stride and Shoot:

This is a major conditioning drill, as well as an opportunity to work on the ability to shoot after a dead sprint. Three players stand in a row at the half court line and each baseline, one in the middle and one on each side. The six players on the baseline each have a ball. The drill begins with the three players at half court simultaneously running towards one of the baskets. They receive a pass from one of the players on the baseline (the player who is directly in line with them) and take a shot. As soon as the players on the baseline pass the ball, they must sprint to the other end of the court and receive a pass from the players on that baseline. The drill continues with players sprinting from baseline to baseline, attempting shots at the tail end of their sprint.  Begin with 3 minutes on the clock and try to make 70 shots combined as a team. Continue to increase the required number of made shots as well as the amount of time the drill is run as your players improve.



Double Up Shooting:

Split your team into two teams, each at a separate basket. Each player is assigned 1 of 5 shooting spots – right baseline, right wing, top, left wing, left baseline – and each player stands 10-15 feet from the basket. Each team has one ball. The object is to have everyone on your 5 person team make 2 shots in a row from their assigned spot before the other team does. The conditioning part is that while the first person (Player 1) on the right baseline is shooting and the other person on the left baseline (Player 5) is rebounding for them, the other 3 players are spiriting to half court and back. Once Player 1 makes 2 shots in a row they become the rebounder for Player 2 and Players 3, 4, & 5 are running.

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