3 Drills to Start Practice

By FastModel Sports

There are a variety of ways to begin a practice, and each team usually has an established routine to start off their day…a certain drill, a team huddle, a series of stretches, etc. With that in mind, below are a number of drills that might be a good balance between getting your players warmed up while also working on important, often fundamental, skills.

Wing Square-Ups:

The purpose of this drill is to practice squaring up hard on the wing; in other words, getting your shoulders turned all the way towards the basket and forcing your defender to move backwards in order to avoid committing a foul. Players pass the ball to a coach at the top of the 3-point line, take a step towards the basket, and then square-up to the basket as they receive the ball back from the coach. Once receiving the ball, they swing the ball aggressively over the tops of their shoes (low to the ground) and attack the basket along the baseline. Lines alternate driving along the baseline until the team makes 30 lay-ups, and then both lines switch to attacking middle for 30 made lay-ups. Players can switch up the type of lay-up they do to add variety to the drill. This is a drill for the whole team, not just your wing players.

Pick & Pop:

This drill is great for teams who rely on scoring out of their ball screen action. Start with a line of guards on each wing and two lines of posts at the top of the key. Also, have two coaches underneath the basket, each with a ball. Posts start with the ball and pass to the wing on their side of the court, then run to set an on ball screen. The wing sets up the ball screen by foot faking baseline. Guards take 1-2 dribbles off the ball screen and pass to their post, who are diving to the rim. The coach on their side passes to the wing for a jump shot. After 30 combined makes (lay-ups from the posts and jumpers from the guards), switch to have the post players popping to the short corner for a baseline jump shot. The coach again hits the wing for their jump shot. After another 30 combined makes, switch to the point guard attacking the rim on her own and the coach passing to the post for a jump shot. This drill allows posts and guards to get a lot of game-like ball screen reps in a short amount of time.

Continuous Shooting:

This drill is all about getting shots up. Split your team into two groups at separate baskets, each side with four balls. Start with one line at the top of the key and another on the baseline. Each line has two balls. The player on the baseline starts by curling to the wing 10-15 feet from the basket. They receive a pass from the first player in the other line and proceed to take a jump shot and get their own rebound. Once a player makes the pass they curl to the wing for their own shot, receiving a pass from the next player in the opposite line. Each player gets their own rebound and returns to the opposite line from where they started. Each player gets two shots at each shooting position (left wing, top of the key, right wing) before the lines move to the next position. The drill is completed when the players shoot from each position (left wing, top of the key, right wing) two times.  The teams at each basket are competing for the most makes…losing team runs.

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