Ball Screen Offense – NBA Action for All Levels

By Greg White

Stockton and Malone. Just saying the names of those two Hall of Famers bring to mind the beauty behind the pick and roll.  Seeing the mastery behind such a simple play led me, along with input from my friends, to explore the possibility of installing a Complete Ball Screen System.

The reasons for installing the offense were simple. If it is hard to guard on the top level why wouldn’t it be at the High School? The first argument is the defensive rules of the NBA allow for greater spacing. I will agree with that to some point. However, the reason the offense is successful is this: It is effective versus every type of defensive scheme.

Here are my reasons to ball screen:

  1. It causes the Defense to have to help.
  2. It causes 2 to guard 3, and 3 to guard 2
  3. It can help a lesser ball handler get to an advantage spot
  4. It helps a great guard be able to create more opportunities
  5. It is easy to inspire kids to work at.

Here are five sets found in the complete system. The system features continuity offenses as well as set plays.

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