Gooroo Drill: Dynamic Warm-Up #1

By Tara VanDerveer

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Activate players and prevent injuries

  • Line up players along baseline (see diagram)
  • Perform Toe-Walks and Heel-Walks to half-court and back
  • Do 20 reps of jumping drills: Over and Back, Right Foot Front and Back, and Left Foot Front and Back
Tara’s Tips

Encourage players to do the following:

  • Take warm-up seriously as it helps prevent injuries
  • Go at their own pace, so each player is warmed up before starting practice
  • Focus on quickly jumping over line, not jumping unnecessarily high over line—quickness, not height, is important 
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Tara VanDerveer

An ambassador for both Stanford University and the sport of college basketball, VanDerveer has enjoyed an unprecedented level of success through an energetic and positive approach to the game. A four-time national coach of the year and 15-time conference coach of the year (13 Pac-12, two Big Ten), VanDerveer has accumulated an impressive 894-203 (.815) record while winning 2 NCAA Championships and appearing in 11 NCAA Final Fours during her 37 year career.
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