10 TRX Exercises for Basketball Players

By Kelsey Grosulak

1. Single leg squat – Really good strengthener for legs in general

2. Single Leg squat with hop – Added difficulty to the single leg squat, requires more stabilizing muscles than just the squat.

3. TRX lunge – Also a good strengthener for legs, but also adds more focus on stabilizing and finding balance. A hop can be added to this exercise for increased difficulty and increased focus on balance and control.

TRX workout of the day. You can get rid of the hop to simplify it a little. #TRX #lunge #hop #workout #saturday #fitness #legsA video posted by Kelsey Fit Training (@kelsey.fit) on


4. Single Arm Row with Partner Push – Not only does this strengthen shoulder and back, it is also makes the athlete work on engaging their core when being pushed around.

5. Sprinters Start – This exercise could almost be called a layup lunge. The second half of the movement mimics that of a layup, working on strength as well as power.

6. Upright Row – Another back and shoulder exercise, if the athlete needs a little visualization you can cue them to act like they are ripping a rebound into their chest.

7. I – A strong core is so important, especially for an athlete. This exercise works the entire core in a standing position. Not all core exercises have to be done lying on the ground!


















8. Overhead Squat – A good mixture of leg, core, and flexibility. If your athlete has tight hip flexors this will be a challenge, and they may not be able to get deep into the squat, but it’s something to work towards and will highlight what areas need to be worked on as far as flexibility goes.

9. Side Lunge – There are 2 different modifications for side lunges depending on difficulty level. Side lunges are important to add into a regimen because it helps to strengthen outside knee and hip stabilizing muscles that straight on lunges and squats don’t get to.

10. Push-up – Not only will you strengthen your chest and back, you get the added bonus of a core workout too. If you want to make things extra interesting take one foot out of strap and keep it off the ground for added core work.

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