4 Actions to Help Your Program

By Annie Isler

The gift of being a coach is that you’re directly responsible for the development and growth of the people in your program.  Whether it’s players, coaches, managers, trainers, etc., you’re responsible for their success.   In the marathon of the season, on a daily basis, are you giving your people what they need?  You can’t give them everything, but you can give them what you have.  If you can identify and execute giving them what they need, you’re being a servant leader in your program.

Focus on the smallest areas that have the biggest impact on your team and staff.  This can be the catalyst of immediate returns of your daily investments.  Practices, meetings, and interactions should grow your people.  If you can’t see growth and change, take a hard look at what you’re giving them.  Everyone may need something different, but that is why you’re there.  Your gift of giving and serving can grow your program in trust, ownership, and positive energy.

Things you can do to help give your program what they need:

  • Ask: create opportunities to let your people share what they need.
  • Listen: serving is listening to what your team and staff need from you.
  • Do: make adjustments to accommodate what is needed now.
  • Connect: leadership is being vulnerable with your program.  Allow yourself opportunities to deliver in ways that are specific to what your program has communicated to you.
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Annie Isler

Annie Isler is in her second season with the Illinois State women’s basketball team and serves as the director of basketball operations. Isler has nearly five years of combined experience in coaching high school and collegiate basketball as an assistant coach, video coordinator and director of basketball operations.

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