Six Keys to a Quality Skill Development Program

By Adam Barnes

Building a solid foundation for your development program is the key to seeing long term sustainability within a program. When coaches do not have a clear vision of what they want to see from their players, teams struggle to grow and mature. Below are six areas that we like to pay close attention to when working with new programs in order to help avoid that problem. This is an excellent outline for coaches to construct their development program around in order to match their individualized system.

  1. Practice at a rate equal to or faster then what which will occur in a game
  2. Understand that improvement is a PROCESS
    • Conditioning
    • Effective Practice
    • Improvement
  3. Eliminate Workout Killers
    • Fatigue
    • Boredom
    • Distractions
  4. Have a written workout plan
    • Target your weaknesses
    • Improve your strengths
    • Do NOT waste time
    • Workouts should be 60-90 minutes
  5. Work on these seven areas everyday
    • Conditioning
    • Ball Handling
    • Shooting
      • Set
      • Off Pass
      • Off Dribble
    • Footwork
    • Balance
    • Playing through contact
    • Contested Shots
      • Simple Contest/Close-Out
      • “Foul” Shooting
      • Anything Goes
  6. The Theory of Two
    • Two minutes to Show
    • Two weeks to be comfortable
    • Two months to use in a game
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Player Development Specialist (High School, College, & NBA) & Recruiting Analyst/National Camp Director

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