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Welcome to FastModel Sports and our TEAM! FastModel Sports has spent 10 years working with the most successful coaches on the planet. These coaches helped us build the best play diagramming tool on the market – FastDraw. As of today, FastModel is a lot more than just the X’s & O’s.


To build a community of passionate basketball coaches that have a strong desire to share knowledge and grow the game.

Who is #TeamFastModel?

TeamFastModel is a community of basketball coaches. They are passionate about basketball and are always looking for better ways to grow the game. They are active on social media and engaged in the conversation of the day.

What does #TeamFastModel do?

TeamFastModel drives the conversation. TFM draws and shares #XsOs. It is immensely important to TFM to keep learning, keep growing and to keep challenging the game of basketball.



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THE BEST IN BASKETBALL We create basketball software, mobile apps & coaching content for NBA, NCAA, HS and youth coaches and players. #XsOs #FastModelFamily Products: FastDraw, FastScout, FastRecruit