Gooroo Drill: Rebound, Outlet, Jump Shot

By George Karl

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Combine skills and practice technique for rebounding, dribbling, passing and jump shot

  • Players form two lines, one at free throw line and one on right wing beyond three-point line
  • First few players at free throw line have balls
  • A coach throws ball off backboard to simulate a missed shot and first player from group at free throw line grabs rebound
  • Player 1 throws outlet pass to Player 2 on wing, who dribbles towards opposite basket down middle of court
  • Player 1 cuts behind Player 2 and runs up court on sideline
  • Player 2 gives Bounce Pass to Player 1, who attempts a jump shot
  • Repeat drill on left side of court, with outlet/dribbling line moving from right wing to left wing
  • Run drill continuously for allotted drill run time, switching sides halfway through
George’s Tips
  • Players need to attack the ball and rip it down while rebounding
  • Always turn and outlet ball towards sideline to avoid defense
  • Players need to dribble with their inside hand towards half court (right hand when getting outlet on the left side and left hand when receiving outlet on right side)
  • Passers must pass in front (not behind) their partner to properly lead shooter into their lay-up
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George Karl

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