Gooroo Drill: Partner Box-Out

By George Karl

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Teach players box-out technique

  • Split players into two groups, forming two parallel lines 4-6 feet apart across the key facing each other
  • Line facing basket is designated offensive team, while line with back to basket is on defense
  • Players stand at least an arm’s length from each other and are partnered up with player across from them based on height
  • At coach’s direction, players on offense move laterally either left or right
  • Once offensive players make a move, defensive players take two big steps towards them in a defensive stance and pivots to put a body on offensive player
  • Box-out motion has player with arms outstretched, knees bent, and with contact to opponent’s stomach (this lets defensive player know which direction offensive player is moving in attempt to get around them and collect offensive rebound)
George’s Tips
  • Players must always take a step toward the offensive player, put a forearm in his chest and pivot to box them out
  • Players need to stay low and in an athletic stance while boxing out – player with the lower hips usually wins
  • Tell players to be aggressive when boxing out—make contact with other players before they make contact with you
  • When players box out, remind them to keep their hands up high, not wrapped around offensive player’s waist
  • Players circled in video performed best box-outs 
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