Gooroo Drill: Partner Passing: Chest & Push Pass

By Tara VanDerveer

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Teach proper technique of a Chest and Push Pass

  • Line up players up in two lines (eight to ten feet apart)
  • Players face each other (to work on designated pass) 
  • One basketball for every two players
Chest Pass Review
  • Player positions hands on either side of ball with thumbs directly behind ball
  • Stepping into pass, player brings arms back and snaps pass
  • When ball is released, fingers face down and fan out and thumbs point down (as in Bounce Pass)
Push Pass Review
  • In Push Pass, player may use either hand
  • With one index finger on middle of ball, player pushes ball straight from shoulder, using other hand just to guide it
  • Player steps through with same leg, extends arm, and releases ball
  • As ball is released, player snaps wrist to provide extra power
Tara’s Tips

Chest Pass

  • Although called Chest Pass, ball is actually passed from stomach area
  • Players should practice passing from stomach area, not chest
  • Have players practice pass without ball to get feel for how to execute pass
  • When players catch ball above waist, thumbs and fingers should be up
  • When players catch ball below waist, thumbs and fingers should be down

Push Pass

  • Remind players to use pass when only one hand is available or defense is in front of players and they are passing to one side
  • Ball should go straight out as players snap their hands and fingers down
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Tara VanDerveer

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