NCAA Tournament – X’s & O’s – Robert Morris

By Craig LeVasseur

Here is a trio of plays that Robert Morris ran in the second half of their First Four matchup with North Florida. Based on common NBA sets, these plays resulted in a 3-shot foul, an open 3pt basket, and an open mid-range jumper, and helped kick start the comeback that led to a Robert Morris victory.


Hawk Double

This is a common NBA hawk set sometimes known as 351. The 3 man’s defender has all of the work here, as he must commit to helping on the hawk screen just enough to force a difficult Show on the side p/r, and then must recover back to the pick and pop. In this game, UNF was aware of the play and x2 cheated off of his man to rotate to the 3 man on the pick and pop. Lucky Jones was still able to get the defender off his feet, however, and drew a 3 shot foul.




Elbow Strong Double

Out of a Horns look, Robert Morris ran this Elbow strongside split action where 3 curled on the pin down and 1 bumped back to receive a DHO from the 5 man. A good screen from the 1 man set up a great double pin down by 4 and 2, which took out x3 and resulted in a wide open 3 pointer.




1-4 Blast

Robert Morris ran this play with 3 minutes to go and a small lead over North Florida to get an open mid-range jumper. Starting out of a 1-4 set, the 1 hits the wing and pins down for the 4 man to receive a ball reversal. 1 continues under the rim while 5 rips 3 under the rim. From here, it turns into common Blast action. 5 pins for 1 to receive a DHO with 4. 3 and 2 time their pin down so that 3 comes off of the screen right after 1 receives the DHO, setting up an open mid-range jumper.


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