NCAA Tournament – X’s & O’s – VCU

By Andrew Greer

VCU ran this BLOB set late in the 2nd half against Ohio State who was playing man defense. VCU got a wide open layup from their 5 that was missed. In the set 2/3 use a double screen from 4/5. The first man through (2) goes to the corners immediately followed by the second cut (3) who goes to the wing. As the final cut is made the 5 dives to the rim. This set is also seen in Billy Donovan’s playbook. Shaka Smart was an assistant for Donovan before his time at VCU.




VCU used this ball screen action late in their loss to Ohio State in Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament. VCU got the look they were looking for with 3 shooters spread around the perimeter but due to a bad pass and off balance shot they did not score. VCU gave Ohio State trouble the entire game using similar actions to get their guards paint touches.


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Andrew Greer


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