NCAA Tournament – X’s & O’s – West Virginia

By Andrew Greer

WVU quick hitter used late in the 1st half against Buffalo. WVU was 3/9 from 3 in the first half and used this set to assert themselves in the paint. This quick hitter uses a guard cross followed by a dive and back screen. Buffalo eventually went to 2-3 zone in the first half to counter the offensive attack of the Mountaineers.




West Virginia continued to stretch their 1st half lead out with the BLOB set making a wide open 3 from the ball side wing.  I have seen this play used by multiple teams with various wrinkles. In this set the 3 seals or opens up to the rim. In most cases, one of the bigs 4/5 will dive toward the rim after the initial double screen.



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Andrew Greer


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