Top 5 Plays of the NCAA Tournament – Round of 64

By Justin Scanson

The Round of 64 was an exciting one. Thursday was full of upsets and buzzer beaters while Friday gave us a whole lot of chalk. Both days gave us amazing X’s & O’s. Here are the #TeamFastModel Top 5 plays of the Round of 64.

5. Pinch Post – NC State – By Wes Kosel

NC State used this play early in the 1st half to get an open shot for Trevor Lacey. The play starts with an entry pass to the wing and a UCLA cut from 1 to the low post. Once 3 (Lacey) gets the ball at the top of the key, he has the option to pass to 1 for a shot or to pass to 4 flashing to the pinch post. If Lacey passes to 4, he loops around him at the elbow looking for a hand-off and a shot.


#4. Stagger Flare – Northern Iowa – By Randy Sherman

Northern Iowa misdirection set to get a three or a Seth Tuttle slip.

Used it extensively throughout the season. Showed it early vs. Wyoming.


#3. Thru Duck In – Northeastern – By Craig LeVasseur

In their NCAA matchup with Notre Dame, Northeastern displayed a wonderful motion offense with great movement, multiple ballscreens, and very active bigs. In this play, they set up their motion with a thru cut by the 1, and the result is a duck-in opportunity for the 5 man. Northeastern was able to draw a foul in the post here and put Notre Dame in foul trouble early.


#2. Shocker ATO Horns Flex – Wichita State – By Randy Sherman

Leading 76-74 with 53.5 seconds remaining, Wichita State ran this set after a timeout to push the lead to four points.

They “screen their way into” a horns set, set a backscreen for the point guard who screens for 3 in Flex action. 5 got it in to 3 to put the Shockers up by 40 seconds remaining.


#1. BLOB Elevator Box – UAB – By Wes Kosel

Coach Haase called this BLOB play in the closing minutes of the game against Iowa State. The shooter starts at the opposite block and sets an up-screen to start the play. After setting the up-screen, 2 slips in between the elevator screen from 4 and 5. 1 makes the entry pass to 2 for an open 3-point shot on the wing.


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