Post Play Teaching Points

By Adam Barnes

Is playing in the post a lost art?

Many would say yes, and I tend to agree. However, there are many factors why.

Many teams lack a true big man, teams run more sets with active posts who can play on the perimeter, coaches prefer longer, more athletic players that can defend on the wing, etc. With that being said, the most successful teams are able to play inside-out on a consistent basis. The more effective teams are in the post, the more they are able to free-up their guards and perimeter players to make plays, hit shots, and breakdown the defense on a regular basis.

Don’t believe me?

Think about how well the Spurs have played over the years. Having a legit threat in the post allows for better ball  movement, better scoring opportunities, and gives teams the ability to score on all three levels.

These post play teaching points from NBA Assistant Coach Kevin Eastman are great for players of all skill levels who are looking to dominate in the post. Learn, incorporate, and master these techniques! Guards, do not be afraid to do the same. Being able to understand how to play in the post will help you become a more complete player!

  1. It is fist fight to get open; it is a foot fight to score


  1. It is a leverage game to get position, it’s a shoulders game, and low shoulder wins


  1. Three C’s- Catch Chin and Check…check for (1) cutters (2) Traps (3) Digs


  1. Perpendicular Post ups- create an angle with you baseline foot, at that point your shoulder should be square to the ball


  1. The floor always shrinks at the next level- quickness and length


  1. Your knees are involved in leverage


  1. Your feet give you the advantage, the ball gives you separation


  1. See 90% of the floor when you catch the ball


  1. Give up position for possession


  1. Butt into thigh…No deny


  1. Play low to high


  1. You must sprint to spacing


  1. When you catch the ball pause for poise


  1. Let the garbage clear before you go to work


  1. Post depth…Depth makes the game easier


  1. When posting don’t be concerned with the defenders feet, rather the deny arm


  1. Dribble the ball to get in line with the target hand when feeding the post…”get the palm”


  1. Offensive rebounding…know your teammates because it gives you a head start


  1. Run rim to rim not free line to free throw line


  1. Don’t waste a post-up when the ball can’t get to you, it’s better to be late than early


  1. You can’t play straight up— mid line- rent- homeless
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