NCAA Tournament X’s & O’s – Wichita State

By Craig LeVasseur

Wichita State ran this set around the 10:00 mark of the first half in their NCAA matchup against Notre Dame, resulting in a 3pt basket. This play features multiple scoring options, with a backscreen lob option for 1, a ballscreen for the 2, and a stagger screen for the 3, not to mention opportunities for the bigs to slip on any screen.



Another excellent play from the Wichita State playbook, this coming late in the 2nd half against Notre Dame. It’s a double high ballscreen, with 5 setting first and a shooting 3 setting the second screen. In defending this play, because x3 stays attached to his man, x5 has to stop penetration and x2 has to pull in to bump 5 on the roll. This leaves the 2 open in the corner for a throwback 3, which was no problem for a talented PG like VanVleet to find.


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Craig LeVasseur

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