FastDraw – Play Library Spring Cleaning

By Craig LeVasseur

Now that the season is over, it’s a good time to organize your thoughts on the previous season and your plan for the upcoming offseason. It’s also a good time to organize your Play Library in FastDraw. Between talking with other coaches, studying games on TV, or visiting the FastModel Plays and Drills Library, we are constantly picking up new plays and drills throughout the season, but don’t always have time to keep everything organized. Now is a great time of the year to edit your Team and Series list, reduce clutter, and eliminate duplicates.


Editing Plays

When you receive a FastTrade from another coach, or send yourself a play from our Plays and Drills Library, you receive the play as it is currently labeled, including the Season, Team name, Series name, and the Play Name. I know that as much as I appreciate all of the great plays and drills that I receive from the contributors at Team FastModel, I want all of my plays organized into a specific Team and Series category that corresponds with the rest of my library. Therefore, I like to edit my plays in my Play Library, and there are two different ways to accomplish this.

If I want to edit one category, I can simply right-click on the play, and then select “Change Team To” or “Change Series To” and select from a list of my existing Teams and Series. If I want to add a new Team or Series, I can select the Team or Series menu from the top menu bar, and then select “New Team” or “New Series”. I will then be able to select the new item from the list when I right-click on a play.

Change Team To

Changing the Team label of a play

New Team

Adding a new team from the Team menu


If I want to edit multiple values for a play at once, I will right-click on the play and select “Edit Court Settings”. This opens the Edit Play menu, and I can edit every attribute for the play, and add a new team or series from the same menu. From this menu you can also edit the court dimensions to fit your level of play.

Edit Play Menu

Edit Play Menu


Edit your Team and Series List

Another side effect of receiving FastTrades from other coaches is the addition of their Team names or Series names to your list of Teams and Series. You can edit the play to change either of these values, but those names still stay in your list even if the play is no longer there. I understand the appeal in having a Doc Rivers or Tom Izzo Series of plays in your library, but I’m sure that if you’ve ever downloaded one of my plays from the Plays and Drills Library you probably do not feel the need to keep a Craig LeVasseur Series in your FastDraw Library. Thankfully, there is an easy remedy to this.

To delete a Team or, in this example a Series, from your list, first set all of your columns to <All> for Season, Team, and Series. Now change your Series to the value that you wish to delete, so Craig LeVasseur in this case. From the top menu bar, select Series and then “Delete Series” to permanently remove it. You can follow the same process and then select “Delete Team” from the Team menu to delete a team value that you no longer use.

Delete Series

Deleting an unused Series from FastDraw


Eliminating Duplicates

Despite our best efforts to stay organized, sometimes we can wind up with duplicate plays in our library. I find the easiest way to spot duplicates and eliminate them is to scroll through your entire play library in alphabetical order. Any duplicate play names will be easy to spot due to the identical play names being listed next to each other.

To ensure that I can see all of the play names clearly, I like to resize the Play Library and Play Editor windows to make the Play Name column bigger. You can resize your windows by clicking and dragging the vertical divider located between the two frames, and it can be dragged to the left or to the right. You can then adjust the width of the Play Names column by clicking and dragging the vertical divider to the right of the column header “Play Name”. This works much like a column in an Excel spreadsheet.

Resize Frame and Column

Adjusting the width of your Play Library frame, and the width of the Play Name column


Now when I scroll through the Play Names in my library, the duplicates should be easy to find. To delete a duplicate, I simply click to highlight one of the two copies of the play, and then I right-click on the play and select “Delete Current Play”.

Library Duplicates

Identifying Duplicates in the Play Library


Cleaning Up Your Playbook Folders

Lastly, after a full season of FastPrinting plays and receiving FastTrades, your FastPrint and FastTrade folders in your Playbook Library might be overflowing with playbooks by now. This article at our help page will help you keep your Playbook Library organized and manageable.

Now that your library is organized, check out Maximizing Your FastDraw Playbook – Pt 1.

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