Maximizing Your FastDraw Playbook – Part 1

By Craig LeVasseur

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As a FastDraw user, perhaps you have been able to utilize the FastDraw software to create professional looking diagrams of all of your plays and drills, or you have added some of the over 4,000 plays and drills from our Play Library to your personal collection, but have you been able to maximize the capabilities of the FastDraw Playbook creator to create a clean, organized, and comprehensive playbook with your diagrams? Whether you are trying to build a master playbook of your entire system, a more condensed playbook for your players, a drill book for your practices and player development sessions, or a Top Sets scouting report for your upcoming opponent, FastDraw offers the customization options to construct every type of playbook you will need to help your program succeed.


In this series, I will cover all of the ways to create different looks with your playbooks, starting with the playbook creation process, and then moving on to the Playbook Settings menu.


Playbook Creation

The first step in creating an organized playbook is understanding the process of creating a new playbook, and using the Chapter and Section dividers to your advantage. While the quickest way to create a playbook is to select your plays from your Play Library and click the FastPrint icon, I am going to show you how to create a new Playbook from scratch from the Playbook tab in FastDraw.

To get started, open the Playbook tab and click the New Playbook icon at the top of the screen to open the New Playbook menu. Here you can set the name of your playbook, the name of your first chapter, and then location where your Playbook will be saved in your Playbook Library. I don’t want this playbook placed in either the FastPrint or FastTrade folder, so I will make sure the Playbooks folder is highlighted.

New Playbook NCAA Week


Now that I have a new blank playbook created, I want to add some plays. My first chapter is Albany, so I want to add some Albany plays first. In my Play Library window on the left side of the page, I can use the drop down menus to filter the Team, Season, or Series that I want to look for, just like I can do from the Draw tab.

Add Play Team


To add a play, I simply click and drag the play from the Play Library window into the Playbook Editor window in the center of the screen. You will see that when I drag a new play into the Albany chapter, it automatically creates a new section. Each chapter must contain at least one section, but there is no limit to the number of sections that you can add to one chapter.

Add Play New Section



Chapters and Sections

Chapters and sections are the main dividers and organization tools available within a playbook. Chapters are most often used as a way to organize different kinds of plays sets within a playbook. For example, your Offensive System playbook might include a chapter for Motion Offense, a chapter for Quick Hitters, and a chapter for Zone Offense.


While sections can be used to divide chapters into sub-categories, a more practical use may be to use sections to divide plays that belong in the same chapter, but require different formatting options within the playbook. For example, if you have a chapter of your playbook that includes Drills, you may have some drills that require the full length of the court, and thus use full court diagrams, while other drills are run in the half court. For your full court drills, you likely will not want to include more than 2 diagram frames per page, or else the diagrams and writing can get very small. For the half court diagrams, though, you may want to include 4 or 6 diagrams per page.


In the Preview tab, which I will cover later, you can set global formatting options for the entire playbook, or set specific formatting for chapters or sections. In this scenario, within your Drills chapter you would have a section for your full court drills and a section for your half court drills. Your full court section would be set to print 2 Frames per Row and 1 Row per Page (2×1), while your half court section could be 2×2, 2×3, or 3×2.


To add a new chapter or section, simply right-click anywhere within the Playbook Editor window.

Playbook New Chapter


Playbook New Chapter Added


Once you have created your playbook and organized your plays into your desired chapters and sections, you are ready to head over to the Preview tab to set up the print settings for your Playbook.
Maximizing Your FastDraw Playbook – Part 2 is available here.

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