Maximizing Your FastDraw Playbook – Part 3

By Craig LeVasseur

This is part 3 of a 3 part series focused on making sure you get the most out of your FastDraw Playbook. Read part 2 here: Maximizing Your FastDraw Playbook – Part 2

Page Options


The Page Options section is where you will change the layout for everything other than the actual plays and diagrams in your playbook.

Page Options


This section is fairly straightforward, but there are two options worth noting here –


Logo: While you have the option to browse for a logo from this menu, you can set your permanent team logo from the Program Settings menu. Go to File > Program Settings to open the menu, and then open the Printing tab. You can edit My Team and Team Logo from this menu.


Notice: This is a proprietary notice that can be added and can be customized from the same menu. You can enter your own message here, or use the default message of “All Contents Proprietary”.


Other Playbook Options

By scrolling down in the Playbook Settings menu, you will see a number of additional settings that can be toggled on and off.

More Playbook Settings



Some of the most commonly used features –


Include Frame Description: This is always turned on by default, and includes the frame description below each frame. You likely will not want this turned off unless you strictly want the frames to be displayed.


Include Coaching Points: This includes any notes written in the Coaching Points section, and places them at the bottom of the page underneath the play. More information on Coaching Points can be found here.


Print blank diagrams in empty space: This fills out the rest of your page with blank diagrams if your play does not take up the whole page. For example, if your settings are 2×2 and you are printing a 3 frame diagram, the 4 frame on the page will be a blank diagram. This is ideal if you would like each page to look the same, or if you would like blank diagrams for note taking on the court.


Include Table of Contents: For large playbooks, including a Table of Contents is a great way to add an organized, professional touch. If only the first option is checked, your Table of Contents will only list the page for each chapter. You can expand the Table of Contents to also include a list of the plays contained and also list each section.

Sample TOC


Sample Table of Contents with chapters listed


This should get you on your way to building playbooks that take full advantage of the FastDraw features. Be sure to take some time to try out each setting to see what fits your needs best, and then be sure to save your final settings as a template to use for each playbook that you create.

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