TeamFastModel Top Plays of May

By Justin Scanson

Click on any play diagram to access the FastModel Play Library and send any of our 4000+ plays to your FastDraw Software. Below are the top five downloaded plays from our FastModel Library for the Month of May.

5 – Washington Wizards “EOG Hammer” by Gibson Pyper

“Randy Wittman drew up a great after timeout Hammer set to get an open 3 to take the lead late against the Atlanta Hawks.”


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4 – 1-3-1 Zone Set Play by Dana Beszczynski

This play was originally published in our library in December. It started making the rounds again this past month and was our 4th most popular play of the month.

“John Beilein had a masterful game plan against the Syracuse 2-3 Zone and here is another example of moving players and the ball to get the best possible shot

The Orangemen were consistently spread out by the passing of the Wolverines and had their fair share of open looks

There were also many secondary options off the sets which created match-up problems for the vaunted Syracuse Zone Defense of Jim Boeheim”

FastTradePreview (25)



3 – Iowa State Zone Flare/Slip by Randy Sherman

Iowa State has been one of the best teams to watch for anyone looking to pick up great X’s & O’s. With all signs pointing to Fred Hoiberg going to the Chicago Bulls, Iowa State sets have been a big hit in our library.

“Iowa State’s favorite zone set play vs. 2-3 Zone.”

FastTradePreview (26)



2 – Cleveland Cavaliers “Zipper Down PNR” by Gibson Pyper

“David Blatt has been adding new sets almost every single game throughout this season. To start the playoffs he added this new set “Zipper Cross” to try and get Kevin Love a post up in Game 1. Throughout Games 1 & 2 he then ran this set with different counters and options out of it, the main one being a high Pick & Roll for Kyrie Irving to attack out of. The set starts off with a Zipper cut (typically by Kyrie Irving) and then the bigs cross, looking to get Kevin Love to seal out of it. If the post is not open or if Blatt wants Kyrie to attack out of the Pick & Roll, the 5 man continues high and Love exits to the corner to space the floor. They have also ran this for LeBron to post & then counter that with him flashing to the Elbow for an isolation.”

FastTradePreview (27)


11 Game by Randy Sherman

This continuity offense was dropped in to our library early in May and has been extremely popular at all levels of basketball.

“Tips for running 1-game:

  • Make it your secondary break. Sprint off the rebound or opponent’s made FG to these spots. When the ball is reversed, you are in 1-game
  • After you pass to the high post, WAIT until they fully reverse. THEN cut hard right off their butt. (brush screen) It is the cutter’s responsibility to time this. The high post is simply going to downscreen.
  • When reversing to the single guard side, look for the overplay and backdoor cut
  • When you have the ball at the wing DO NOT make pass to the high post until you have check the cutter coming off the brush screen AND the screening post rolling back to you!”

FastTradePreview (28)



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