3 Drills to Improve Basketball Footwork & Agility

By Kyle Gilreath

Here are a few drills to use in the Summer to improve your footwork and agility on the court!

Combine Agility

Combine Agility1. Start on the baseline and sprint to half-court.
2. Carioca across half-court to the opposite sideline.
3. Backpedal to the baseline.
4. Carioca to the finish.
5. Rest and repeat a pre-determined number of reps.


1. Sprint->Slide->Backpedal->Slide
2. Backpedal->Slide->Sprint->Slide
3. Backpedal->Carioca->Sprint->Carioca

Complete the Square

Complete The Square1. Start at the corner of the right side of the lane and sprint to the FT line.
2. Lateral slide to the left lane line and backpedal to the baseline.
3. Lateral slide across the lane to the starting point.
4. Reverse the square by immediately sliding back across the lane and sprinting to the FT line.
5. Lateral slide across the FT line and backpedal through the baseline.
6. Repeat for a required number of repetitions.

L Agility Drill

L Agility1. Start on the left laneline/baseline.
2. Sprint to the FT Line and circle it (Use a cone if you want) and sprint toward the baseline.
3. Circle around the baseline elbow and sprint to the opposite 3-Point line.
4. Circle the 3-Point line intersection and sprint outside the lane.
5. Turn and sprint to halfcourt.

Repeat on both sides


-Mix in slides, shuffles, skips, karaokas

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