The Top 5 Most Common FastDraw Questions

By Craig LeVasseur

As the new school year approaches, it’s time for coaches to get settled back in with their FastDraw software and get prepared for the upcoming season. Here are 5 of the most common FastDraw questions that we receive at this time of the year.


1. I received a new computer over the summer, how do I move my FastDraw over?

If you were lucky enough to finally get rid of that ancient school computer and receive a new one, you will need to get FastDraw installed and transfer your play library over. We have made this process as easy as possible using the Backup and Restore feature. The resources to download FastDraw, retrieve your activation key, and Backup and Restore instructions are available here.


2. My school computer was wiped and now I cannot access FastDraw. What can I do?

Whether you are a high school coach or a college coach, we have seen that IT departments at every level like to make summer updates to computers, and they aren’t always overly concerned about communicating their upcoming changes ahead of time. These updates can erase both your FastDraw software and your FastDraw save file, so it is best to be prepared ahead of time.


To protect yourself against IT updates, hard drive crashes, and theft, save frequent Backups to our cloud server using the Backup icon in FastDraw. This is also the best way to access your FastDraw Play Library from any computer or from your iPad. Learn the full details about using backup and Restore here.


If your IT has already updated your computer and you need to recover your FastDraw program, start here.


3. When I try to Restore my Backup file, it says “no on-line backup”. Why can’t I download it?

If you have installed FastDraw on a new computer, or if you are attempting to Restore your Backup file for the first time, you may see this error message.


This is a quick fix to load and save your Backup file to your computer. Open the File menu from the top menu bar and select Close File. You can now click the Restore icon to download your file. The important last step once your file is loaded is to open the File menu again and select Save.


4. I can’t install on my Mac. It says “identity of developer cannot be confirmed”.

If you have recently received a new Mac computer, or if you have updated to the latest Mac OS X, you will see increased security settings when installing some applications on your computer. You can quickly adjust these settings using the System Preferences menu.


After making this change, you can proceed with your FastDraw installation.


5. How do I add FastDraw for all of the coaches on my staff?

For the best FastDraw experience for your staff, we recommend that each coach on your staff who will be using FastDraw receive their own FastDraw license. Your staff can then share plays with each other using the FastTrade feature.


To see more FastDraw options, please click here.


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