Pre-Season Conditioning – The Climb to the Top

By Kelsey Grosulak

Similar to running hills, climbing stairs are also fantastic to developing lower body power. It is thought that running stair could help increase overall speed.

Find some stairs that you can run up, whether in the gym, the football field, or outside at a park. If you’re really lucky you will have an amazing place to go such as an outdoor amphitheater like Red Rocks in Colorado. If you have that or somewhere like that at your disposal let me know and I can give you oodles more conditioning workouts. But for now I will assume that you just have some bleachers or stairs.

So you’ve found your stairs.

Round 1
You’re going to sprint up, hitting every step. Jog down, wait 30 seconds and then repeat. 10x
Round 2
You will be sprinting up again, only this time hitting every other step. Jog down, wait 30 seconds and then repeat. 10x
Round 3
This will only work if you are doing stairs on bleachers. You will go up a stair; sprint across a row to the other set of stairs, then go up a stair and sprint back to the other side, repeat until you are at the top! This one you will do 3x.

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