Pre-Season Conditioning – Circuit Training

By Kelsey Grosulak

It’s always good to mix it up, and keep the body guessing. So for this conditioning we are not going do any running but still get the heart rate up!

You will do each exercise for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds rest/transition time in between. You will repeat the circuit 4 times, take a 2 minute break between each time through.

Jump Rope – You can get fancy with this and make players run, jump on one foot, double jump, but it seems like most people have enough trouble with regular jumping!
Sled Push – If you don’t have sleds at your disposal, you can put a plate on a towel and push it that way)
Jumping Lunge – Not only are you going to get heart rate up you will also build length strength)
Mountain Climbers – If you want to add in a little more core, you can have them do them it on a bosu)
Sumo Jump Squats – Burpees, this can again be done with the bosu, in addition to making core trickier it will work upper body strength a little when you are doing the press overhead.
Box Jumps – Do this on a relatively low box, so when the athlete becomes fatigued they can still maintain their form.)
Plank – This can be somewhat of a rest exercise, but still excellent because core is something that should always be worked on)

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